Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)

The following issues are fulfilled in our Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization, in order to ensure the continuous airworthiness of a hot air balloon and the availability of operational and emergency equipment:

a) Performing pre-flight checks,

b) Management of elimination of any malfunction or damage affecting safe operation in accordance with approved data,

c) Management of the performance all maintenance of the aircraft in accordance with the aircraft maintenance program approved by DGCA,

ç) Analyzing the effectiveness of the approved aircraft maintenance program,

d) Fulfillment of the ones applicable below;

Airworthiness directive,

Operational directive affecting continuous airworthiness,

Continuous airworthiness requirements published by EASA/DGCA,

Procedures and principles published by DGCA to be promptly used for a safety issue.

e) Management of modifications and repairs according to approved data,

f) Establishing an implementation policy regarding non-mandatory modifications and/or controls,

g) If necessary, making control flights for the aircraft

Maintenance Programs

The hot air balloon maintenance program and maintenance program revisions implemented in our Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization are approved by DGCA.

Our DGCA approved maintenance programs for hot air balloons, which currently receive continuous airworthiness management service from our organization, are given below.

Pasha Balloons

Cameron Balloons Ltd

BalónyKubíčekspol. s r.o.

Ultramagic, S.A.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd.

Application of the Maintenance

All maintenance activities to be applied to hot air balloons served by our Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization, are carried out by the competent personnel of the F-Maintenance Organization operating within the body of Hot Air Balloon and Aircraft Application and Research Center, following appropriate methods, techniques, standards and instructions, using appropriate tools, equipment and materials, in approved facilities within all environmental constraints.

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